Vtec Challenge (Rounds 5 & 6)

Paul Donkin once again set the fastest “Production” class time in qualifying, followed by Ryan Focht, James Tracey Pete Dunmore and James Nolan. With only seconds left on the clock, both Burkinshaw and Jones set their fastest lap time on the final lap.

Burkinshaw sat on pole, with Jones alongside and Bennett and Donkin breathing down their necks on row 2, waiting to capitalise.
With the lights out Burkinshaw got clean away, but Jones headed backwards through the pack at an alarming rate to end up last. (A problem with the car’s ECU at fault). Seeing an opportunity, both Bennett and Donkin benefitted to slot into 2nd and 3rd respectively as the pack headed around the turn 1 banking.

With Dunmore up to 4th place, Tracey, Focht and Nolan all got away cleanly and avoided collecting the Civic of Jones. However, once the Civic was rolling, Jones dropped the hammer and began to reel in those ahead of him on the road.

Dunmore and Focht battled for 2nd in Production class and at “Yentwood” it was Focht who emerged ahead. Left to defend against Tracey in the Integra, Dunmore battled valiantly, but unfortunately had to concede position.

The battle for 3rd began to hot up when Adam closed up on Donkin, however no matter how hard he tried, Adam was unable to find a way past. On the infield section, Paul kept the Super Tuner at bay and used the car’s handling to full effect to stay ahead. Come the high speed banking, Paul had pulled out enough of a gap to allow later braking before re-joining the infield.
Having managed to eventually close up on Paul, Adam unfortunately out braked himself into “Deene” which undid all of his hard work and took the pressure off of Paul, who would go on to take 3rd overall. Burkinshaw kept charge out front, with Bennett pushing him and keeping him honest all the way to the line.

Off the line in race 2 and Burkinshaw struggled to get away, allowing Bennett to take the lead, with Donkin challenging for 2nd place as the trio headed to the hairpin onto the infield.

Jones remained in 4th, but was already chasing the leading trio. Focht and Tracey picked up where race 1 ended and with Tracey making another great start was challenging Ryan for position. Nolan in the Integra, got the jump on Dunmore making it a clean start for all involved.

Into “Deene” for the first time and Bennett was still out in front, but under pressure from Burkinshaw and Donkin. The battle between Bennett and Burkinshaw would play out over the entire 15 minutes. Pulling a gap on Burkinshaw saw Mark Bennett secure his first ever race win and the first win in VTEC history for a S2000!

Donkin held the gap over Jones and charging hard saw Focht close up and continue to pressure Jones to the line.
Class wins where awarded to Adam Jones (Super Tuner) Rob Burkinshaw (R1) Mark Bennett (R2) (Tuner) and Paul Donkin (Production) in both races.

Thanks go out to BRSCC, and series sponsors Toyo Tires, Dream Automotive, Competition Clutch, TDI North, Performance Autoworks, Eurospec, Simulator Racing, Honda Nation and MOTORV8 MEDIA for their support.
The Honda VTEC Challenge next heads to Snetterton on the 16th & 17th July.

Photo Courtesy of MOTORV8 MEDIA

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