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1. What is a sponsorship?
2. Who do we accept sponsorship requests from?
3. Types of sponsorships available
4. What to include on the sponsorship proposal
5. Terms of the Sponsorship Agreement

1. What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is an agreement between Competition Clutch and an individual/company in which Competition Clutch will provide product support in exchange for marketing and/or promotional efforts by the sponsored party.

Someone interested in becoming a sponsorship recipient should be aware of the company and the companys products. Sponsorship recipients act as representatives of Competition Clutch, and part of that responsibility is promoting the companys products in a knowledgeable manner.

2. Who do we accept sponsorship requests from?

* Performance shops with racing teams
* Independent racing teams
* Individuals

Due to the large volume of requests Competition Clutch receives, all requests must be in writing. Inquiries can be made via the website www.competitionclutch.com or by e-mail at marketing@competitionclutch.com to ensure a prompt response.

Requests by telephone will not be considered or returned.

However, if you do not fall into one of the categories listed above, you can mail a proposal to:

Competition Clutch
Attn: Sponsorship
P.O. Box 380
Conyers, GA 30012

3. Types of Sponsorships Available

Competition Clutch offers two types of product sponsorships:
full and partial

Full sponsorship includes performance products at no cost to the recipient, and is available for those whose marketing and promotional efforts will take place in a strong and timely manner.

Partial sponsorship includes performance products at a substantially reduced price to the recipient.

Both sponsorships require that the recipient pay the shipping costs for their product(s).

4. What to include on the sponsorship proposal

The more complete the information, the better your chances are for receiving a sponsorship. Proposals containing incomplete information will not be considered for sponsorship due to the high volume of requests that we receive.




4. Continued

Sponsorship proposals containing fraudulent and misleading information will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The following information must be included on your proposal:
1. What kind of sponsorship are you looking for?
2. Contact information (Name, phone number, e-mail address)
3. A brief introduction of your company and/or team if applicable
4. Make, model and year of your vehicle
5. Engine specifications
6. Aftermarket products currently used on your vehicle
7. How will you represent the brand?
8. Photos of the vehicle
9. Current sponsors and contacts
10. Race and event attendance schedule if known
11. Confirmed upcoming media coverage, including media contact information if available

The following information can be included on your proposal:
* Forum posts with links to posts
* Social media pages with total follower counts

5. Terms of the Sponsorship Agreement

The duration of the agreement lasts one calendar year from the date the Sponsorship Agreement is granted. At the end of the year, both parties are free to renegotiate terms for another year. The terms of the agreement are predicated on the needs/capabilities of the Sponsorship Recipient. Some examples of the terms of sponsorship could include logo size and placement, event schedules, special appearances and availability for or inclusion in media coverage.

Competition Clutch requires proof that all products are installed on the Sponsorship Recipients vehicle either through first-person observation by a Competition Clutch official or through photographs within 30 days of receipt of product delivery. Failure to supply such proof voids the Sponsorship Agreement.

A Sponsorship Recipient will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Competition Clutch, its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated corporations and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns, from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, losses, government proceedings, and all costs of expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit arising out of any personal injuries or claims in connection with any racing or driving activities of Sponsorship Recipient.

Competition Clutch may terminate the Sponsorship Agreement if the Sponsorship Recipient engages in conduct or commits an act which would, whether or not in public knowledge, endanger the good name or reputation of Competition Clutch, or cast Competition Clutch in an unfavorable light, or in any way bring Competition Clutch into disrepute, anywhere in the world, including, without limitation, conduct or acts which, in the United States would be a felony, a crime of moral turpitude, a crime involving drugs or sexual misconduct, a violation of laws for the protection of minors, or civil fraud.

In the event that the Sponsorship Recipient is unable to fulfill the obligations outlined in the Sponsorship Agreement, the Sponsorship Agreement is void. In the event of a voided Sponsorship Agreement between Competition Clutch and the Sponsorship Recipient, the Sponsorship Recipient must return all products listed in Competition Clutch Sponsorship Contract in like-new condition. If products are no longer in like-new condition, the Sponsorship Recipient must pay the full retail price of all parts received.

Cost to ship product is not included in any sponsorship.


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