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The Competition Clutch Civic ran well all weekend long. The track conditions at Atco were not optimal and we fought traction issues every pass. James was able to run 8.08@175 on the brakes during competition on Sunday and we feel good about being able to run that time given the circumstances. We made it past round one of the bracket class and then lost in round 2. The bracket class is not the class that we would normally run the car in but at this event it is the only class that we can fit into. The Competition Clutch Civic did lay down the quickest ET and highest MPH out of any car at the track over the weekend and was a crowd favorite to watch run down the 1320. 






Cole was extremely consistent throughout the day running 8.69, 8.49, 8.47, 8.62, and finally 8.55 in the finals to take the win. He also set a new OGS MPH record with the 8.47@187mph pass and was consistently 183mph + the whole weekend. We are extremely happy with the car's performance and we are already looking forward to the Spring Nationals event to try for 2 wins in a row! 


Honda Day Coverage thanks to our friends at Vibrant Performance 


News From Formula Drift Long Beach California Dave Briggs and Formula Drift invaded the Streets of Long Beach on April 10th and 11th for the first round of the 2015 FD season. Tickets sold out, numbering over 20,000 fans in attendance. The event was also streamed live online where 385,452 viewers logged on to watch the action. The TV show will air on CBS Sports Network on May 6th, 9th and 16th. Dave Briggs had a great showing, qualifying with a high score of 80. This placed him in the top half of the Top32 bracket. Unfortunately, Briggs and many other top drivers were knocked out early in the head-to-head tandem battles.
P&L Motorsports Sets Record
P&L Motorsports sets the Subaru 6 Speed and Subaru 4 cylinder record with a 8.8 @ 171mph ET
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